Earned, Not Given

The 52-year drought is over!  As a Clevelander, it’s hard not to write about the Cavaliers victory.  No longer are we known as the “mistake on the lake”, we are now the city of champions.   1.3 million fans lined the streets of Cleveland to welcome back our champions and the phrase ” earned, not given” echoed throughout the city.  ” Earned, not given” is a motto that Ohioans know all too well.  The recession hit Cleveland hard in 2007, cutting through the heart of our manufacturing sector.

Job losses, skyrocketing unemployment rates, out of business signs, and home foreclosures painted a new skyline for Clevelanders.  Experts say the effects of the recession will take Cleveland decades to recover from.  It’s no secret that our sports teams have been the punch- line of many jokes.   Year after year and loss after loss, Cleveland sports fans remained loyal.  We have had 24 quarterbacks play for the Cleveland Browns in the past 17 years and yet you still hear fans chant ” here we go Brownies “. Clevelanders are resilient, and we are loyal. ” Earned, not given” I cannot think of a better quote to describe the business ethics here at Bluestone Trading. As a small family run business in Cleveland, Ohio we have watched our city rebuild itself, grow and change with the times as have we.

The city and Bluestone were built upon the same values of honesty, integrity, and trust.  While times have changed, there are some things that will never change. Everything here at Bluestone Trading is earned never given. We earn our clients trust by treating them the way we want to be treated like family. We earn our business by sticking by our Midwestern values.  In good times and bad, we remain loyal and ready to serve the city of champions!