About Us

We are your wholesale diamond and estate jewelry experts, and we’ll help you grow your business.

We’re a Midwestern company with Midwestern values. But what does that mean, exactly?

To us, it means our family-run company operates on the principles of hard work, honesty, and integrity, while promoting a positive culture and always looking at ways to improve. Our customers come first, and we provide service with a smile. These are all values first instilled by our founder, RB Grampp, Sr., and which remain enthusiastically in practice today with his son, Ritchie Grampp at the helm.

Bluestone was founded in 1978 amid the hustle and bustle of Cleveland, Ohio, where RB Sr. (on the back of his motorcycle, no less) decided to enter the escalating gold industry. Once he firmly established himself, it was a natural progression into the international diamond market. Times have changed of course, but our principles have not. Today, we have a large inventory of diamonds, studs, and estate jewelry, and we offer no-cost memo services, free overnight shipping, same-day wire service, and overnight check payments. Our friendly and educated team is ready to ensure we’re your one-stop shop. We are a family, and we treat our clients like family. That’s our Midwestern mindset. Welcome.


We help you grow
your business.


Our team and our customers are
our family.


We're always looking at ways for improvement.


We've been in the forefront of the industry since 1978.


Honesty and hard work are at our company's core.


We strive to build meaningful long-lasting relationships.

Estate and Modern Jewelry

We pride ourselves in having a vast inventory of estate and modern jewelry. What makes Bluestone Trading unique is whether you are in need of a simple pendant or an exquisite Art Deco Necklace, we can help you fill the call for your client. We travel across the country to find the hidden gems so you have the luxury of making just one call to Bluestone Trading for all of your diamond and jewelry needs!

Modern Jewelry
Loose white marquise diamond held in a pair of tweezers
loose white triple excellent round cut diamond against a mirror

Loose Diamonds

With the diamond industry becoming more competitive and cut-throat every day, many jewelry stores and pawn shops are faced with losing sales to large internet companies.

We serve the brick & mortar. Our buying power allows us to offer low prices, to help you keep the sale on the table.

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