” Can’t repeat the past ?… Why of course you can!” –  F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby. Art Deco is making a comeback. In the fashion and the jewelry world, trends wax and wane from one trend to the next.  It can be hard to keep up! Since the late 1920’s to the mid 1940’s, we have seen comeback after comeback and have been dazzled by the art deco movement.  Art Deco inspired pieces are a great investment to add to your jewelry collection.  They also make great gifts for the bold woman in your life who can support and appreciate the strong geometric shapes, contrast in tones, and rich embellishments.  A necklace or earrings, whether they be authentic and original to the era or a reproduction, make great gifts to those going through great changes in their lives. Art Deco represents and reflects a tremendous change from women’s rights, to the roaring twenties, even withstanding the great depression and World War two. Isn’t it time to add some Art Deco pieces to your jewelry box ?