Lab-Grown Diamond Screening

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Cleveland, November 12, 2019: Bluestone Trading Company Inc. is now offering lab-grown diamond screening for free as a service. This is available to not only fine jewelry and diamond retailers, but pawnshops, probate, estate, and trust attorneys nationally.

Bluestone Trading is offering this service to help secure accurate disclosure for customers in regards to lab-grown vs. natural diamonds for resale.

Understanding Lab-Grown Diamonds

Unlike natural diamonds that grow under pressure for millions of years, lab-grown diamonds are produced in laboratories using two methods. These methods are High Pressure – High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Natural Diamond and Lab-Grown Diamond
Natural Diamond and Lab-Grown Diamond are almost identical except for testing results.

The HPHT method uses carbon material and mimics the process that a natural diamond would go through during the natural process deep in the earth. The CVD method, however, starts with a diamond seed, and slowly ads carbon-rich gas, which crystallizes.

However, HPHT enhanced natural diamonds are real diamonds, typically brown, that are processed through HPHT to create a better color. “The process ads more heat and more pressure and turns the diamond from a brown to a white stone,” explains a Bluestone Trading diamond specialist.

Resale Value

Lab-grown and HPHT enhanced diamonds hold very little value in the resale market. “Literally pennies on the dollar”, according to Bluestone Trading President Ritchie Grampp Jr. Therefore, accurate disclosure is a serious issue for the diamond and jewelry market. As a result, Bluestone Trading’s goal in this offer is to strengthen seller confidence in the diamond trade through accessible lab-grown diamond screening. In addition, Bluestone trading is speaking at seminars to educate the industry about detection.

“With a lab-grown, you’re looking at 70 – 80 below,” said Grampp Jr. “With HPHT enhanced you’re looking at 60 – 70 below.”

Bluestone Trading invests heavily in the technology and training needed to screen for lab-grown and synthetic diamonds. Some of this technology includes the QSPEC GLIS, which uses a luminescence imaging system. The GIA iD 100 is another integral tool in Bluestone’s Lab-grown diamond screening, which uses spectroscopic technology. These screenings are safe for all metals and use no chemicals.

About Bluestone Trading Company Inc.: Headquartered in Lyndhurst, Ohio, Bluestone Trading is a wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealer. Founded in 1978 by RB Grampp Sr., Bluestone Trading has grown into an international buyer and seller of both loose diamonds and jewelry from all time periods.

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