Build Community Ties to Sell More Jewelry

When we ask customers to “shop local” we are actually asking them to support an entrepreneur from the community. You can do the same, and encourage others to while building community ties and awareness of your business. The tips below will not only increase your community presence but will make shopping at your store an experience they will not forget.

Hand with pink nails wearing a love ring and engagement ring


For engagement ring purchases offer a voucher for a manicure!

This will build a relationship between you and a local business owner while giving the lucky fiancé freshly manicured nails to show off the ring! 

Mention that you would love to be tagged in the engagement announcement on social media for extra exposure. To learn more about setting up social media for your jewelry store, read our blogs on Creating a Business Instagram, and Creating a Business Facebook.

Two people sitting at a restaurant eating


For those shopping for non-bridal gifts, instead offer a voucher for a nice dinner at your favorite local restaurant!

The restaurant could hold a raffle for an item at your store, or give out coupons or advertisements for your store with their receipts in return! 

A winery is a great opportunity to build community ties!

This is also a great community tie to build. You and the winery could hold raffles for each other’s goods or offer discount coupons!

Donate jewelry, gift-cards, or experiences to fundraisers to build community ties

Local organizations, clubs, and foundations regularly hold auctions and fundraisers. These are typically community events with incredible rates of participation.

Donate an item, or even a gift card and “personalized shopping experience” to a local fundraising event.

Afterwards, ask to receive a list of those who bid or were interested, and follow up with a discount offer!

Getting familiar with the businesses in your community is paramount to building community ties to help grow your business. Partnering with other businesses also allows you to offer an experience rather than a product.

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