Use Hashtags to Sell More Jewelry

Using hashtags on Instagram is an effective tool to use to increase brand awareness and sell jewelry. If you haven’t already made a business Instagram account, check out our blog on creating a Business Instagram Account

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These are terms or phrases preceded by the pound sign (#). 

These are used to categorize and group posts on the platform, so those who are interested in the topic can find or follow the term. 

When someone clicks on a hashtag, they are brought to a landing page full of posts using that tag. 

If they follow the tag, posts that include it in the caption will show on their news feed.

hashtags on a Bluestone Trading Post

How many hashtags is too many? 

Instagram allows 30 hashtags to a post. We recommend you use all of them!

If you are worried your caption is becoming too overwhelmingly full, try separating the hashtags from the text, as we did in this example!

best diamond hashtags

What Hashtags Should I Use?

This is a really easy issue to run into while trying to find 30 engaging and popular tags for each post. 

Use ALL HASHTAG to generate 30 popular hashtags based on one keyword. For this example, we chose “diamonds.”

#thisiscle hashtag


As you can see above, the tool included hashtags of other companies. I would recommend replacing these with local tags, or even generic ones like #fashion. Local tags typically have higher rates of engagement, but generic ones have higher exposure. 

For example, we use #thisiscle in almost every post!  

Using hashtags is a great way to gain exposure on social media and expand your audience! Use these tips in your upcoming Instagram posts and watch your impressions increase!

About Bluestone Trading Company, Inc.: Bluestone Trading is a wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealer headquartered in Lyndhurst, OH. Founded in 1978 by RB Grampp Sr., Bluestone Trading has grown into an international buyer and seller of loose diamonds and jewelry from all time periods. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn for more!

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