How to Reclaim Savings with Recycled Diamonds

If you’re not familiar with “recycled” diamonds, but you like the idea of improving your margins and offering your customers top quality natural diamonds, read on.

Recycled diamonds look and feel the same as natural, newly manufactured diamonds, but are typically available at a lower cost. In addition to saving money with recycled diamonds, you can feel good about sourcing diamonds in an ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly manner.   

Every natural diamond was once mined where, over billions of years, tremendous heat and pressure crystallized carbon to form a rough diamond.  How diamonds are mined is a labor- and capital-intensive endeavor that you can read more about here.  Production varies, but on average a mine has to move a ton of rock to get 1.4 carats of rough diamond. Wow . . . that’s a lot of resources expended. Why use a traditional diamond wholesaler to procure diamonds from a mine when equally beautiful “recycled” stones can be yours for a fraction of the cost?

Diamond Sorting

Don’t let the term “recycled” put you off.  The Cambridge Dictionary defines “recycled” as having been used before and then put through a process so that it can form a new product.

That’s what happens here at Bluestone Trading in our Recycled Diamonds Program. Something old is made new again. We acquire diamonds from our large buyouts of store inventories and family estates. Oftentimes, these may include vintage cuts in heirloom pieces. We delicately remove the diamonds and gemstones and refine the mountings. They are then cleaned, polished, and sorted. Large stones are certified, giving the appearance of being new from the mine. They hold a distinct advantage — a substantially lower cost.  Smaller diamonds are kept in-house to be purchased separately. Our jewelry store customers use these smaller “recycled” diamonds to create customer favorites such as stud earrings, bracelets, diamond by the inch necklaces, inside out hoops, etc. Leveraging recycled diamonds in your settings can help you to create these “bread and butter” pieces and keep margins strong.

Where Can You Find Our Recycled Diamonds?

Online Inventory Center

To see our current inventory of recycled diamonds, visit our inventory center. If you haven’t already registered your store with us, you just need to complete a quick and easy registration form to view our inventory. To find our recycled diamonds, just look for an R at the end of the item number. And one more thing to note about our inventory center – we offer free overnight shipping and same-day wire or check.

Custom Jewelry

If you can imagine it, we can build it. And when you build custom pieces using recycled diamonds, those diamonds cost you less, which quite simply helps you keep margins intact.  

custom pear-shape diamond ring made with a recycled diamond
Custom Recycled Diamond Ring

New jewelry

If you’re looking for new “bread and butter” pieces, the craftsmen at Bluestone Trading are constantly creating brand new jewelry featuring recycled diamonds. Customer favorites include diamond by the inch necklaces that can be can be upsold with a pendant or layered with another necklace, stud earrings from .20CTW to over 10CTW, and line bracelets ranging from 2CTW to over 10CTTW, set in 4-prong 14KW settings. Recycled diamonds are a great way for jewelry stores to compete against shrinking margins from online sellers and win sales. If you choose to reduce, reuse and recycle (reduce environmental impact, reuse a previously mined natural stone and embrace recycled diamonds) you can add one more “R” when you “reclaim” your margins and sales.

About Bluestone Trading Company, Inc.: Bluestone Trading is a wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealer headquartered in Lyndhurst, OH. Founded in 1978 by RB Grampp Sr., Bluestone Trading has grown into an international buyer and seller of loose diamonds and jewelry from all time periods.