Importance of Protecting Your Assets

To insure, or not to insure: that is the question and the answer is yes, always insure. Whether your engagement ring cost $1,000. or you inherited a $100,000 collection, it is important to discuss insuring your jewelry so you will be covered if something ever happened.

We know what you are thinking: can I afford to insure my jewelry? The answer is yes, there are many affordable options. Think about it, whether it’s an engagement ring or a family heirloom, a single piece or an entire collection, can you afford to replace them by yourself? God forbid,  that anything should happen to your engagement ring but life does happen, things get lost, stolen, and damaged. Having your jewelry insured is having the peace of mind that when life happens at least you’re covered. With that being said, we have devised a list of tips on how to protect your jewelry, the average cost of insuring your jewelry, and questions to ask your insurance agency.

Protecting Your Jewelry

  1. Have your engagement ring or jewelry appraised. Depending how many pieces you have in your collection, the average cost of an appraisal can range from $50/piece to $150/hour of appraising on bigger collections.
  2. Keep all of your jewelry receipts in case your insurance company needs additional proof of value and ownership.
  3.  Make sure that your pieces are insured for the correct amount. Depending on the quality or overall values of your estate, regular updates in value are a must to make sure your jewelry is properly insured. You should speak with your local jeweler or appraiser to find out how frequently this should be done. The last thing you want to do is make a claim and find out that your beautiful jewelry was underinsured.

Insurance Costs

  1.  Look into bundling your jewelry into your homeowners or renters insurance. When discussing jewelry coverage with your insurance agency make sure to ask them about comprehensive coverage such as accidental loss, stolen property, and mysterious loss. It is important to know what your insurance company will and will not cover.
  2. The average cost of a jewelry insurance policy ranges from $1 to $2 annually for every $100 that your jewelry is appraised. For example: you have an engagement ring that is worth $7,000, your insurance coverage should be in the range of $70 – $140/year. Keep in mind that some agencies are cheaper, so make sure you do your research.

 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

  1. Is my jewelry covered for full appraisal value?
  2. Is my jewelry only covered if it is stolen, not lost or damaged?
  3. How would we provide proof of the jewelry being lost, damaged or stolen?
  4. How will your company replace the jewelry? Will you pay us with a check or will you refer us to a jeweler and pay them directly for the replacement cost?
  5. Are there instances where your insurance company will not cover my jewelry?
  6. What damages won’t you cover?
  7. What are some options that you can provide us with to save money? Such as discounts, bundling, or any other ways that we can save while protecting our assets?

The Gems Of Cleveland

When you think of a Diamond Wholesaler your mind automatically goes to New York City or Los Angles not Cleveland… Our response to that thought  is it’s only logical to sell rocks in the city that rocks. Cleveland does rock.  Here at Bluestone Trading we have complied a list of attractions that only us locals know ” The Gems Of Cleveland”  and here they are.







1.) Ohio City Cleveland’s “Unofficial Brewery District”

Ohio City otherwise known as Cleveland’s “Unofficial Brewery District” is home to the best restaurants and bars. I suggest going to ABC Tavern or Hoopples. &

2.) Cedar Lee Theatre

Take a step back in time at the Cedar Lee movie theatre


3.) Sweet Moses Soda Foundation & Treat Shop

From ice cream soda’s to barrel floats and phosphates Sweet Moses is the place to go.

4.)  The Glass Bubble Project

Take a class at The Glass Bubble Project.


5.) The West Side Market

If you’re in Cleveland you cannot leave until you visit The West Side Market.

6.) The Corner Alley

Bowling & beer how could you say no? The Corner Alley is the place to go!

7.) The Great Lake Brewing Company

For the best craft beer in the Midwest look no further than The Great Lakes Brewing Company.

8.)  Leave a dime on  the tombstone of John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller an industrialist who created standard oil spent much of his life in Cleveland,OH. He is buried at the famous Lake View Cemetery where legend has it if you leave a dime on his tombstone that you will be richly rewarded. The tradition started after his death as he was known for dolling out dimes to children in need.

9.)  Playhouse Square

Home to the largest performing art center outside of New York. Go to to view showtimes and upcoming events at the Playhouse Square.

10.)  Walk on the Lower Level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge

If you want to see all of Cleveland the lower level of the Detroit- Superior bridge offers the best views in town



A Ring Fit For A King

2016 has been an incredible year for sports fans in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Indians are the 2016 ALCS champs and the Cleveland Cavaliers brought home the 2016 NBA Championship. Fast forward four months, it’s opening night for the world series, it’s a home game and downtown Cleveland is packed with sports fans from every walk of life. Not only are the Cleveland Indians in the world series, but the Cavaliers are finally getting their well deserved rings. The 2016 NBA Championship rings have earned the nickname ” fit for a king.” The ring is 6.5 carats and IS encrusted with more than 400 diamonds . The ring also features 14KY yellow gold, 10KW white gold, and dark garnets.  A ring certainly fit for a king.

Email Blast FinalWe’re moving ! Bluestone Trading is proud to announce that we are moving to 5244 Mayfield Rd, 2nd floor Lyndhurst, OH 44124.  During this time business will remain the same, and we plan on
continuing to offer the same honesty, integrity, and value that we have been practicing since 1978. Our expected move in date is September 1st, 2016.


Earned, Not Given

The 52-year drought is over!  As a Clevelander, it’s hard not to write about the Cavaliers victory.  No longer are we known as the “mistake on the lake”, we are now the city of champions.   1.3 million fans lined the streets of Cleveland to welcome back our champions and the phrase ” earned, not given” echoed throughout the city.  ” Earned, not given” is a motto that Ohioans know all too well.  The recession hit Cleveland hard in 2007, cutting through the heart of our manufacturing sector.

Job losses, skyrocketing unemployment rates, out of business signs, and home foreclosures painted a new skyline for Clevelanders.  Experts say the effects of the recession will take Cleveland decades to recover from.  It’s no secret that our sports teams have been the punch- line of many jokes.   Year after year and loss after loss, Cleveland sports fans remained loyal.  We have had 24 quarterbacks play for the Cleveland Browns in the past 17 years and yet you still hear fans chant ” here we go Brownies “. Clevelanders are resilient, and we are loyal. ” Earned, not given” I cannot think of a better quote to describe the business ethics here at Bluestone Trading. As a small family run business in Cleveland, Ohio we have watched our city rebuild itself, grow and change with the times as have we.

The city and Bluestone were built upon the same values of honesty, integrity, and trust.  While times have changed, there are some things that will never change. Everything here at Bluestone Trading is earned never given. We earn our clients trust by treating them the way we want to be treated like family. We earn our business by sticking by our Midwestern values.  In good times and bad, we remain loyal and ready to serve the city of champions!