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How to Reclaim Savings with Recycled Diamonds

If you’re not familiar with “recycled” diamonds, but you like the idea of improving your margins and offering your customers top quality natural diamonds, read on. Recycled diamonds look and feel the same as natural, newly manufactured diamonds, but are typically available at a lower cost. In addition to saving money with recycled diamonds, you…

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Sell Jewelry Online Tips – SEO

Trading Tip: Sell Jewelry Online using these SEO tips! Google is the most visited website WORLD WIDE. If you’re interested in how to make sure your business lands as a Google search result, keep reading. What is SEO?  SEO is Search Engine Optimization or using strategic tactics so that you appear higher in online search…

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Creating a Business Instagram Account

Trading Tip of the Week  As your business transitions to cater to the online market, an Instagram account is an important tool to take advantage of to showcase your jewelry. With over one billion users, it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. To start creating an Instagram business account, you…

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Bluestone Trading's CEO, RB Grampp Sr., examining a diamond, held in tweezers through a jeweler's loupe.
Bluestone Trading’s Founder, RB Grampp Sr.

RB Grampp Sr., CEO, and founder of Bluestone Trading Company Inc., age 74, grew up in Pepper Pike, Ohio. He was an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, from optimizing his paper route at 12 years old to starting Bluestone Trading, an international diamond wholesale organization that has grown to include his family.

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