3 Ways to Build an Email List

3 Ways to Build an Email List

Email marketing is a rewarding tactic to use in your advertising strategy. You can use email marketing to send updates about your store, news about upcoming sales and even Happy Holiday wishes to your previous and potential customers. 

A monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly newsletter is an opportunity to start a conversation and create relationships within the community you have built around your business. In order to begin using this tool, however, you have to create a database of subscribers. 

To build an organic email list, you will need to make signing up subscribers a priority and an every-day conversation you have with customers. Create opportunities at multiple points in your sales-funnel to sign up. Three ways to build your email list are to offer a discount, give subscribers coupons, and to do a give-away. 

1. Offer a Discount

For example, you can ask if a customer would like to sign up for your newsletter and save a percentage on their transaction. People are motivated by solid numbers, so tell them the exact amount they would save. 

The difference between, “Would you like to subscribe to our email newsletter today? You’ll save $10,” and “Would you like to subscribe to our email newsletter today? You’ll save 5%” is that you immediately gave them a numerical value to what this communication is worth to you. For them, it feels like they got $10 for free. For you, a small sale leads to an opportunity to build a lifelong customer relationship. 

2. Offer a Coupon

Do you have an online store? Ways to build an email list include sharing coupons exclusively with those subscribers! While online sales lack face-to-face interaction with your employees, you can still build a relationship with the customer. As they are perusing your site, have a popup with a coupon, or a banner advertising “Subscribe to our newsletter to save!” 

As a welcome email, send a coupon code. Include a coupon code in your regularly scheduled emails as well, to discourage unsubscribes. 

3. Do a Give-Away

Build your email list by holding drawings and giveaways for your subscribers, and placing the prize prominently in the store.  Create a sign with a short link to where shoppers can subscribe online. You can create a short link using the free website: https://bitly.com/. Input your website’s URL, and click shorten. Then copy the shortened link, and include it on the poster. 

You can also post the exclusive email drawing on your social media, and create a buzz about the event. At the end of the contest, randomly select a winner. Then, promote the winner on the next eblast, across your store’s social media, and even on your google business page. Read our previous Trading Tips for how-to’s on creating a Facebook page and building an audience on social media.

After using these tactics, you are sure to have an engaged email audience. But remember, they will only appreciate you if you appreciate them. This is a community you are building, so you cannot only promote your store. Promote the community you’re located in, give value to the customers by creating unique and interesting content, and engage with them. Most of all: have fun with it! 

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