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Trading Tip- SEO

Trading Tip: Use SEO to Sell at Every Opportunity!  There are 6.9 BILLION Google searches a day worldwide, and over 25% of those searches originate in the U.S! This is the largest potential audience you will ever reach, as Google is the most visited website WORLDWIDE. If you’re interested in how to make sure your business reaches this audience,…

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Creating a Business Instagram Account

Trading Tip of the Week  As your business transitions to cater to the online market, an Instagram account is an important tool to take advantage of to showcase your jewelry. With over one billion users, it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. To start creating an Instagram business account, you…

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Facebook logo on a phone screen
Creating a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page – Trading Tip of The Week Nearly 2 billion people access Facebook daily, making it the most accessed social media network.  Getting out there can be scary, but creating an interactive, fun, and engaging Facebook Business Page is a great way to interact with customers and is relatively simple. All you…

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Google Reviews Icon
Google Reviews – Trading Tip

Word of mouth is still a great reference tool to build awareness of your store. However, it should not be the only way that prospective customers can gauge your business’s reputation. Our Trading Tip of the Week focuses on how your business can take small steps to increase your Google reviews.

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Google my business logo, with a store front, and the words Google My Business to the right in rainbow colors
Google – Trading Tip of the Week

As our industry trends toward more of a digital market, brick and mortar store owners have been faced with a seemingly massive challenge. How do you sell to customers who aren't in your store? We offer tips on how to best optimize your google business listing to bring customers to your online store.

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Infographic including the carbon emissions for several consumer products including natural diamonds at 160 KG and lab grown diamonds at 511 kg
3 Lab-Grown Diamond Myths

The FTC, the Jewelers Association, and  Good Morning America have weighed in; lab-grown diamonds have made it into the jewelry market. As a diamond and estate jewelry expert, Bluestone Trading’s President, Ritchie Grampp Jr. knows that this is a topic every fine jewelry sales professional needs to be informed on. We are here to help. Below are…

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