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Trading Tip: Use SEO to Sell at Every Opportunity!

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 There are 6.9 BILLION Google searches a day worldwide, and over 25% of those searches originate in the U.S! This is the largest potential audience you will ever reach, as Google is the most visited website WORLDWIDE. If you’re interested in how to make sure your business reaches this audience, keep reading. 

Do I have to have a website to use SEO?

No! You can use SEO tacts in almost everything you post online. While we absolutely recommend setting up a website for your business, you can use these tools to optimize any online platform you use.

What is SEO? 

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization or using strategic tactics so that you appear higher in online search results. This can mean ranking higher on Instagram, Facebook, eBay, Linkedin, Etsy, really anywhere with a search bar!

The tactics we will cover in this trading tip are finding niche key phrases, including them in your writing, and adding alternative text to photos. 

Niche Key Phrases

In business, you can find a market that is easier to compete for by finding your “niche.” This is the same with keywords in SEO. 

For example, instead of trying to compete for the word “Jewelry” online, you can compete for phrases such as “vintage designer jewelry,” “antique gold jewelry,” or “platinum wedding bands in Cleveland, Ohio.” 

Pro Tip: Use a free SEO tool like MOZ to research the best keywords to include in your writing!

Key Phrases in Writing

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In order to rank for a keyword or phrase, you will need to include it often within your writing and distribute it evenly. 

Yoast SEO Tools recommend that you include your key phrase at a density rate of .5-3%. For example, a 1000 word blog post should include your keywords 5-30 times. 

Alternative Text (Alt Text) 

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Alternative text is a description of an image and it’s purpose. The original use of alt text was for accessibility for those who are visually impaired and use screen readers. 

Use relevant images, like beautiful photos of your jewelry that you took using last week’s photography tips. Describe your image in detail, and those using screen readers will also be able to access your photos!

But How Does Alt Text Help Me Sell? 

While making your website more accessible is already opening you up to an entire market of customers that are under-served online, it also gives your content another chance to land as a search result. If your image description is “A 14 Karat white gold ring with three diamonds set on a white background”, you have a chance of landing as a search result for any of those words. Read here for more information on using Alt Text.

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