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Texas Association of Pawnbrokers Convention and Expo – Seminar – Diamond Fundamentals with a Hands-On Discovery into Lab-Grown

Bluestone Trading will be exhibiting at the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers Convention and Expo ( T. A.P. ), at the Embassy Suites Energy Corridor in Houston Texas, on February 28th through March 1st of 2020. Not only will Bluestone be exhibiting and buying loose diamonds and estate jewelry, but President Ritchie Grampp Jr. will be presenting on lab-grown diamond detection.

Ritchie Grampp Jr. presenting at the Ohio Pawnbrokers Continuing Education in November 2019 on Diamond Fundamentals and lab-grown Diamonds, similar to the presentation for the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers
Ritchie Grampp Jr. presenting at the Ohio Pawnbrokers Continuing Education on Lab-Grown Diamonds and Diamond Fundamentals in November 2019

The presentation will be held on Saturday, February 29th in the Grand Texan Ballroom at 11 am, before lunch. In addition to the presentation and lab, Bluestone offers its Diamond Fundamentals booklet to all attendees, which covers the 4 C’s of the diamond trade.

Ritchie believes this topic is especially valuable and timely as lab-grown diamonds are slowly beginning to enter the second-hand market by arriving at pawnshops. They are worth very little currently in the resale market, according to Bluestone’s experts. In addition, their similarities to natural diamonds make for a very difficult buy. As a result, they pose a risk as a very expensive mistake.

“Lab-grown diamonds are still in their honeymoon phase and trying to find where they belong,” said Ritchie. “It will be interesting when it plays out, and they come to the second-hand market,” he continued.

By presenting at the T. A. P. Convention and Expo, Bluestone hopes to reduce the risk that lab-grown poses to the second-hand market. After exhibiting at the convention for over 10 years, Bluestone is excited to be playing an influential part in this year’s events.

Lab-Grown Diamond Detection

The hands-on lab will include the GIA iD 100, and the GLIS Mini. The GIA iD uses spectroscopic technology to screen for lab-grown diamonds. In a similar fashion, the GLIS Mini uses luminescence imaging to detect the same.

Ritchie regularly presents on lab-grown diamonds and has prepared updated material for the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers Convention and Expo. In addition, to better serve pawnbrokers and jewelers, Bluestone is offering free lab-grown diamond detection services through its headquarters in Lyndhurst, OH.

Bluestone’s goal for these seminars is to help secure accurate disclosure for pawnbrokers, and increase consumer confidence when purchasing luxury goods.

Bluestone’s Diamond Experts will be available during the presentation and at booth three for consultation during the convention. Visit us at the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers Convention and Expo, or call us at 888 800 BLUE today.

Bluestone Trading Diamond Team
From left to right – Cody Grampp, Ritchie Grampp, Morgann Grampp, and RB Grampp Sr.

About Bluestone Trading Company, Inc.

Bluestone Trading is a wholesale diamond and estate jewelry dealer headquartered in Lyndhurst, OH. Founded in 1978 by RB Grampp Sr., Bluestone Trading has grown into an international buyer and seller of loose diamonds and fine jewelry of all time periods.

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